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Haydee Allred

Appraiser, Appraisalink, 807 “W” Ave, Anacortes, WA 98221. A personal property appraiser specializing in the appraising of residential contents with an emphasis on Fine Art.


  • USPAP  Certificate. Update course 2010, 2012, 2015, 2016, 2018, 2020, 2022, 2024

  • USPAP  Certificate (2008), Successfully completed a 15-hour course and examination on the Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP), the Congressionally recognized set of appraisal standards promulgated by The Appraisal Foundation. Completed through the Appraisers Association of America in June 2008, effective through June 2013. Seattle, WA.

  • USPAP  Certificate (2005), Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, AppraisersAssociation of America. New York, NY. Tested and Passed.

  • USPAP  Certificate (2000), Uniform Standards of Professional Appraisal Practice, The American Society of Appraisers. Austin, TX. Tested and Passed.

  • University of Maryland University College (1997-1998), ISA

    • Business Practice, Appraisal Principles, Definitions, Functions of Appraisers

    • Appraisal Ethics, ISA Report Writing Standards, USPAP, Identification & Authentication, Research, Legal Issues

    • Basic Appraiser Techniques, Practical Appraisal Report Writing, Comprehensive Review

    • Appraisal of Fine Art

    • Antiques, Decorative Arts, and Residential Contents


2022  Sister Wendy's The Story of Painting - Nun and art expert Sister Wendy Beckett, guides viewers on a

           chronological journey of the art medium. Episodes: The Mists of Time, A Hero Set Forth, The Age of Genius,     

           Two Sides of the Alps, Passion & Ecstasy.

2022  F is For Fake - Orson Welles's free-form documentary F for Fake, depicts the tenuous line between truth and 

           illusion, art and lies. Welles embarks on a dizzying cinematic journey that simultaneously exposes and revels   

           in fakery and fakers of all stripes--not the least of whom is Welles himself.

2022  Portrayal - A young man’s relationship with his family is compromised when he investigates a dark secret from

           their past, involving the discovery of thousands of his dead grandfather’s missing paintings. Portrayal follows

           Roman Lapshin across three continents and five countries as he tries to put together the missing pieces of a

           puzzle while coming to terms with a family legacy and his own personal journey of growth and healing. CBUT


2021  My Rembrandt - Rembrandt, the grand-master of intimacy rocks the art world; 350 years after his death, many

          people, even entire nations are obsessed with his paintings. Aristocrats cherish, experts rule, art dealers  

           investigate, collectors hunt, museums battle. The epic documentary MY REMBRANDT dives deep into the art

           world of Old Masters, exploring the motives of its elite. Documentary.

2021  The CETA - Comprehensive Employment Act - Many are familiar with the WPA but few are aware of the CETA 

           and how it helped the Arts.  Appraisers Association of America Webinar.. 

2021  Collector Cars: What to to look for when appraising, what drives value, current trends, and the state of the

           market. Appraisers Association of America Webinar.

2021  The History of Jade. Appraisers Association of America Webinar.

2021  British Furniture and Decorative Arts: A new way of seeing things. Appraisers Association of America Webinar.

2021  Graphic Design History: The Bauhaus Movement. LinkedIn Learning Webinar.

2020  The Byzantines. Engineering An Empire. The History Channel.

2020  Da Vinci's World. Engineering An Empire. The History Channel.

2020  Keith Haring: Street Art Boy. American Masters. PBS Documentary.     

2018  Prints with Sam Davidson, Presented by Sam Davidson Owner and Director of Davidson Galleries, Museum of 

           Northwest Art, La Conner, WA.

2018  Dragon Bowls, Ginger Jars & Baluster Vases:  Chinese Porcelains from the Qing Dynasty 17th - 20th century.

           Presented By France Pepper, AAA, China Insider. AAA Webinar.

2017  Endangered Species, What Every Person Should Know.  Presented by US Fish & Wildlife Agent Eric Marek and       

           State Fish & Wildlife Detective Lauren Wendt, Lewis & Clark Chapter, International Society of Appraisers,

           Edmonds, WA.

2019  Why Quilts Matter: History, Art & Politics. Television documentary series examines quilts through the lenses                 of history, art, and politics. For the quilter, collector or casual observer, the nine episodes explore the                           centrality of the quilt in American culture and revealing the unsuspected size, breadth and depth of the quilt               culture. Distributed by: The National Educational Telecommunications Association (NETA).
2018  American Painting: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly. Presented by Betty Krulik, Betty Krulik Fine Art. AAA                         Webinar.

2016  Collection Elections, Presented by collector John Kamb, Skagit County Historical Museum,  La Conner, WA.
2016  Considering Picture Frames When Appraising Fine Art, Presented by Suzanne Smeaton, AAA Webinar.

2016  Museum Masterpieces: The Louvre, parts 1- 6. Presented by Professor Richard Brettell, Ph.D. Great Courses

           Digital Course

2014  "Chinese Porcelain Mania" part 1, presented by Susan Lahey. Through the examinations of a broad range of        

           Chinese porcelains, including burial wares, blue and white, celadons, teawares, overglaze polychrome enameled

           wares and Qing pieces, appraisers will learn about the types of Chinese porcelain from the Tang dynasty to the

           Qing dynasty. Significant time will be spent discussing the various factors driving the current market for record

           breaking auction prices of Chinese porcelains. International Society of Appraisers.

2014  "Update on USPAP changes" presented by the International Society of Appraisers.

2013  "Impressionism and its Immediate Reaction" presented by art historian Richard Box. MONA and Gail Harker

           Center for Creative Arts. La Conner, WA. 

2013  "The Masters" - The Treasures of Kenwood House, London. This 48 painting exhibition features major works by

           Rembrandt, Gainsborough, Hals, Turner, and Van Dyck, including a rare opportunity to see Rembrandt's late-

           period Portrait of the Artist, which has never before left Europe; "European Masters: The Treasures of Seattle".

           34 paintings from local collections. Seattle Art Museum, Seattle, WA. Through the Skagit County

           Historical Museum, La Conner, WA. "Nicholai Fechin" - 60 paintings and drawings trace the life

           and artistic accomplishments of this Russian-American painter. Frye Museum, Seattle, WA.  Through the Skagit

           County Historical Museum, La Conner,  WA.

2012  Deloitte 5th Art & Finance Conference: the new faces of art investment. The Banking sector - ongoing trends

           regarding art-related services; Fakes and forgeries - Protective measures when investing in art; Let's go online -

           latest innovative schemes in the art world; Art funds - Auditing process pertaining to art funds; China, No.1 art

           market - How will China impact the emergence of art as an asset class?; Art investment - How to value artworks?;

           The development of art as an asset class. Presented by Deloite Luxembourg, Universiteit Maastricht.

2012  Tutankhamen: The Golden King and the Great Pharaohs Featuring over 100 objects from King Tut's tomb and    

           ancient sites representing some of the most important rulers throughout 2,000 years of Egyptian history.

           Also Mummies: Secrets of the Pharaohs which follows researchers and explorers as they piece together the

           archaeological and genetic clues of Egyptian mummies. Presented by National Geographic and Arts & Exhibitions

           International, with cooperation from the Egyptian Supreme Council of Antiquities. Pacific Science

           Center, Seattle, WA through Whatcom Community College, Bellingham, WA.

2011  Art History, Seattle Pacific University in conjunction with the Frye Museum, Seattle, WA. Light Everlasting: The

           Gothic Cathedral; Were-jaguars and Colossal Heads: Olmec Art; Pissarro: The Socialist Impressionist; Water

           Games and Monsters' Groves: Mannerist Gardens.

2010  Art History, Seattle Pacific University in conjunction with the Frye Museum, Seattle, WA.  Jan Steen is a Hoot;

           Bodegon: The Spanish Still-Life; Anticipating Freud: German Symbolism; Woman as Muse: Albert Von Keller and

           Picasso; In the Company of Crows and Ravens.

2010  Painting in the North: What does "Alaska" mean? Paintings of Alaska by its most prominent and beloved

           historical artists not only portray the grandeur of the North, but also define for Alaskans and the world what

           Alaska means. Sydney Laurence, Eustace Ziegler, Ted Lambert and Fred Machetanz. Presented by Kesler

           Woodward. Frye Museum, Seattle, WA.

2010  Elizabeth Dove: Her work and the art of printmaking. Presented by Elizabeth Dove. Sponsored by Corvidae Press

           and Northwind Arts Center. Northwind Arts Alliance, Port Townsend, WA.

2010  National Conference – Accessing Expertise Today, Appraisers Association of America. New York, NY. Influencing

           Market Trends; Analyzing Market Data – IRS Appraisals; IRS Appraisal Reports Workshop; Estate Planning

           Workshop Part 1 & 2; Understanding the Fundamentals of Clock Appraising; Appraising Ceramics – Or how to

           Pan a Pot; On Photography; Keynote Address by Robert Wittman formerly of the FBI’s National Art Crime Team;

           Re-Assessing Regional Markets; Defining Document Language; Large Appraisal Projects; 19th century Bronzes;

           Observations on Appraising Mirrors and some reflections; Packing, Shipping and Condition Reports; 19th                         century European Paintings; National Velvet, Elizabeth Taylor, and a closer look at Known Film Costumes.

2009  Alaska-Yukon-Pacific Exposition:  Indigenous Voices Reply.  Centennial celebration exhibition preview.  Burke

           Museum, Seattle WA.  
2008  “Setting Fire to the Visual Arts:  The Invention of the Flemish Style Abroad”.  Presented by Christine Göttler, Henry

           Art Gallery, Seattle, WA.
2008  “Preston Singletary in the Museum of Glass Hot Shop” – Observe Tlingit artist, Singletary create a killer whale

           glass sculpture to be donated to the permanent collection of the Burke Museum. Museum of Glass, Tacoma, WA. 2008  “Red meat in black and white:  Imperial sacrifice in Ostia’s ‘Caserna dei Vigili’”.  Presented by Margaret Laird,

           Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA.
2008  “A Celebration in Clothing: One Woman’s Journey.” Anita Luvera Mayer is a weaver and a textile artist working in

           the Pacific Northwest, a lecture and demonstration with original works explaining the process and learning her

           career has taken her through and how she has come to be comfortable being who she is as a creative clothing

           designer. La Conner Quilt & Textile Museum, La Conner, WA.

2008  “The Sculptor and the Philosopher’s Stone: Georges Vantongerloo’s Cosmic Vision of Art” Belgian artist Georges

           Vantongerloo (1886 – 1965) was one of the great pioneers of abstract sculpture, yet his work is still largely

           underappreciated. A friend of Piet Mondrian and member of the De Stijl group, he found early recognition

           mainly among modern architects. Marek Wieczorek presented insights into Vantongerloo’s working process

           based on notes and books found in the artist’s archives.  Henry Art Museum, Seattle, WA.

2008  Chuck Close in conversation with poet Bob Holman. Chuck Close, one of America’s foremost portrait artists,

           speaks with New York School poet Bob Holman about their collaborative work in the show “A Couple of Ways of

           Doing Something: Photographs by Chuck Close, Poems by Bob Holman”. Photos included self-portraits and

           portraits of artists James Siena, Elizabeth Murray, Gregory Crewdson, Terry Winters and others. Tacoma

           Art Museum, Tacoma WA.

2008  Highly Opinionated Hot Picks in Contemporary African Art – a discussion of the Contemporary African art scene,

           an overview of important shows like the recent 2008 “Eye on Africa and Contemporary Art”, the controversial

           2007 African Pavilion at the Venice Biennale, the 1996 show “In/Sight: African photographers, 1940 to the

           Present” at Guggenheim Museum in New York City and the 1996 “Africa Remix – Contemporary art of

           a continent” at the Mori Art Museum Tokyo, Japan. Recommended artists to buy for a Museum included Mounir

           Fatmi (b. 1970 Tangier, Morocco), Zarina Bhimji (b. 1963 Uganda), Adel Abdessemed (Algerian,1971), Rashid Ben

           Ali (b. 1978, Taza, Morocco).  Presented by New York curator, critic and visiting Assistant Professor of Art at

           Vasser College Isolde Brielmaie and Trevor Schoonmaker, curator of contemporary art at Nasher Museum of Art

           at Duke University. Seattle Art Musem, Seattle, WA.

2008  Paul Horiuchi: Finding Nature A discussion of the life and work of prominent northwest artis Paul Horiuchi and

           his show at MoNA. How the artist went from a railroad maintenance foreman working on his art on the side in

           Rock Springs, Wyoming to the height of his collage work in the late 1950’s in Seattle, WA and how by the 1990’s

           he was still evolving his work with the addition of new photographic elements. Presented by guest curator

           Barbara Johns, Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, WA.

2008  “The Crossing of St. Peter’s and the End of the Renaissance” How four completely different sculptors –

           Gianlorenzo Bernini (1598-1680), Andrea Bolgi (1605-56), Francesco Mochi (1580-1654), and Francois Duquesnoy

           (1597-1643), created four colossal works of saints in marble in the early 1600’s and set a defining moment in art

           history signaling the end of the Renaissance for sculpture and redefined the practice of sculpture for the next

           100 years. Presented by Estelle Lingo, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA.
2008  "Zacherias and the Chicago Settee:  Connecting the Masterpiece to the Master"  A discussion of how the identity

           of the Haida artist who carved the setee was confused with artists such as John Cross, John Robson and Charles

           Edenshaw and how the records of James Deans who commissioned 29 model houses from the village of

           Skidigate for the World's Columbian Exposition in 1893, and Bill Holm's article "Will the real Charles Edenshaw

           please stand up" helped solve the mystery.  Presented by Robin K. Wright, Henry Art Gallery, Seattle, WA.

2008  "Changing Market for Painters" A panel discussion including speakers: Jody Bento, SAM Rental Sales Gallery,

           Patricia Rovzar, Patricia Rozar Gallery, Irene Mahler, Mahler Fine Arts Consulting presented by the Women

           Painters of Washington, Seattle Art Museum. Seattle, WA.
2007  Crosscurrents: Contemporary Art of the Inland Northwest. Inland Northwest artists including Merrily Tompkins

           of Ellensburg, James and Roberta Lavadour of Pendelton, Oregon and Richard Notkin of Helena, Montana

           produce their art in a culturally and socially distinct geographic area than the coastal artists of the Northwest.

           Presented by Ben Mitchell, Curator of Art,  Northwest Museum of Arts and Culture in Spokane. Museum          

           of Northwest Art, LaConner, WA.
2007  The Art Around Us:  Northwest Coast Indian Art.  A survey course focusing on the styles and subject matters f

           found in eight Northwest Tribes. Identify tribal attributes, designs and terms used in mask and totem pole

           carving as well as in basket production.  Presented by Alica Leppanen, Skagit Valley College, Mount Vernon, WA.

2007  Northwest Coast Clan Pole Raising. Burke Museum, Seattle WA.

2007  German art and culture - The Loss of the Berlin Salon Culture. Professor Richard Block, University of Washington

           Department of Germanics. Related Exhibition: Spectatorship and Desire: Loss. Frye Museum, Seattle, WA.
2006  Art History with Rebeca Albiani, Frye Museum, Seattle, WA. Dirty Dishes: Renaissance Maiolica from

           Urbin, William Morris and the Arts and Crafts Movement, A City of Marble – Augustan Rome, The Dark World of

           Goya’s Caprichos. 
2006  Mona’s Collection at 25, Presented by Susan Parke, MoNA curator, La Conner, WA
2005  National Conference – Beyond the Essentials, Appraisers Association of America. New York, NY. Bonham’s

           Auction Preview – American and European Paintings; Fakes, Frauds and Fake Fakers; Beyond Comparables;

           Damage and Loss; Outsider Art; What’s Hot in Canada, Classic and Contemporary Favorites in Today’s Market;

           Swann Galleries Auction Preview – Contemporary Art; Accessing Market Data; Fakes and Forgeries; Damage &

           Loss: The Case Studies; Evaluating the 20th Century: Insights into the Current and Ever Changing Market of 20th

           Century Decorative Art; Working With Science; Due Diligence; Appraising Spanish Colonial Art; African American

2005  Louis Comfort Tiffany: Artist for the Ages – A slide show overview of the exhibit presented by Seattle Art

           Museum. Valley View Library, Seattle, WA.
2005  Artist Tool Kit Series - “Grants, Residencies & Awards”; “Contracts and Copyright Law”. Seattle Academy of Fine

           Art, Seattle, WA.
2005  Survey of Western Art III ACO504, Instructor, Su Job, Seattle Academy of Fine Art, Seattle, WA. 
2005  “Return to Glory” – A lecture and slide presentation of the restoration of the Sistine Chapel by Dr. Joanne Snow-

           Smith, Univ. of Washington. St. Thomas Episcopal Church, Medina, WA.
2005  Women Artists: Looking Forward / Looking Back, a panel discussion. Professor Barbara Miller, moderator,

           panelists/artists: Sheila Klein, Mary Randlett, Susan Rodo. MONA, La Conner, WA.
2004  Artist Tool Kit Series - “Working Artist”: What does it mean?; Artist’s Statements & Résumés; Studio

           Documentation.  Seattle Academy of Fine Art, Seattle, WA.
2004  Painting the Wilderness: Abby Williams Hill, 1861 – 1943. Lecture by art historian Ron Fields. Museum of

           Art. La Conner, WA.
2004  Preserving Heirlooms – A panel discussion. Anacortes Museum, Anacortes, WA.
2004  Artifact ID Day – Observer. Burke Museum, Seattle, WA.
2003  Pathways to Heaven – Journeys of the Soul in Northwest Coast Native Culture, Lecture by Dr. George MacDonald,

           Burke Museum, Seattle, WA.

2003  Northwest Women Artists: 1880-1950, Lecture by David Martin, Martin-Zambito Gallery, MoNA, La Conner, WA.
2003  State of Contemporary Art a lecture by Peter Schjeldahl, art critic for The New Yorker, Bellevue Art Museum and

           University of Washington, Seattle, WA.

2003  Mexican and Chicano Art of the Northwest, Deborah Caplow, MoNA, La Conner WA.

2003  Contemporary Issues in Northwest Coast Native American Art - Museums and Native Artists: A Vision for the

           Future, Dr. MacDonald, Burke Museum, Seattle, WA.
2003  “Life Vessels” – Artist Allen Moe discusses his primitively fired clay pots, MoNA, La Conner, WA.
2003  Contemporary Issues in Northwest Coast Native American Art – A Panel Discussion: The Indian Arts and Crafts

           Law, Burke Museum, Seattle, WA.
2003  “Waterston: The History of Paint”, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA.
2003  “In Line With Al Hirschfeld”, Frye Museum, Seattle, WA.
2003  Contemporary Issues in Northwest Coast Native American Art – “The Exploration of Northwest Coast Indian Art

           1774 – 2003”. Burke Museum, Seattle, WA.

2002  Icons of Mexican Art, Frida Kahlo, Diego Rivera and Mexican Modernism: The Jacques and Natasha Gelman

           Collection”, Seattle Art Museum, Bellevue Library. Bellevue, WA.
2002  Myth, Nature, and Art, A lecture by William Morris. Museum of Northwest Art, La Conner, WA.
2002  Corot to Picasso: European Masterworks from the Smith College Museum, Bellevue Library, Bellevue, WA.
2002  A Victorian Clock Shop: The Junghans a chronology of a Clock Making Empire. Whatcom Museum, Bellingham,

2002  The Glory of the Renaissance, part 2, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA.
2002  A Sense of Place: Artists of the Northwest, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA.
2002  Telling Tales, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA.
2002  Skagit Topics: The war years in Washington State. Skagit County Historical Museum, La Conner, WA.
2002  The Figure is Dead, the Figure is Alive. MoNA, La Conner, WA.
2002  The Glory of the Renaissance, part 1, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA.
2002  The Northwest School: Enduring Tradition or Historic Episode. MoNA, La Conner, WA. 
2002  Art in the Northwest: 1900 – 2001, Bellevue Art Museum, Bellevue, WA.
2002  Asian American Artists of the Puget Sound Region, MoNA, La Conner, WA.
2002  Historical Documentary Photography, Then and Now, Skagit County Historical Museum, La Conner, WA.
2002  Iridescent Light: The Emergence of Northwest Art, MoNA, La Conner, WA.
2001  Industrial Artist – Ries Niemi, Sculptor, Museum of Northwest Art (MoNA). La Conner, WA.
2001  American Constructivist: A Conversation with Mary Henry, MoNA, La Conner, WA.
2001  Twenty Years of Contemporary Art at the Sacred Circle Gallery, MoNA, La Conner, WA.
2001  How Pottery is Made, KWGS, San Antonio, TX.
2001  Candlewick, KWGS, San Antonio, TX.
2001  Share the Vision – The Morgan town Etching Plates, KWGS, San Antonio, TX.
2001  Texas Furniture Traditions in the 19th and early 20th century, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Austin, TX.
2000  The Battle between the Spirit and the Flesh: 60’s Art from Minimalism to Body Art, John Clarke, University of

           Texas, Austin, TX.
2000  Pieter Brugel the Elder and His Works on Paper, Dr. Orenstein, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NY, hosted by the

           University of Texas, Austin, TX.
2000  Paden City Glass 1916-1951 -Seminar, Kent Washburn’s Glass Show (KWGS), San Antonio, TX.
2000  Navarre Glass - Seminar - (KWGS), San Antonio, TX.
2000  Sterling Silver Pitchers from Different American Periods – Seminar (KWGS), San Antonio, TX.
2000  Images and Influences of China: From English Garden to American Decorative Arts and Architecture - Lecture -

           Festival Institute, Round Top, TX.
2000  American Art History - Continuing Education - University of Texas, Austin, TX.
2000  Celebrating Sacred Art - Seminar- Austin Diocese Fine Arts Council, Austin, TX.
2000  Double Takes - Austin Evolving (Photography) Seminar, Austin History Center, Austin, TX.
1999  Southern Furniture - Seminar, Lady Bird Johnson Wildflower Center, Austin, TX. 
1999  Royal Ruby Glass - Seminar, (KWGS), San Antonio, TX.
1999  The Appraiser and the Appraisal Report: Appraising as a Second Language, (AAA) NY, NY.
1999  Appraising Conference AAA, New York, NY.
1998  Appraising Conference, ISA, San Diego, CA. 
1998  Appraising Conference, Appraisers Association of America (AAA), New York, NY.
1998  Chinese and English Ceramics, George Washington University, Wash D.C.
1998  Old Master Paintings, George Washington University, Wash D.C.
1997  Ivory Identification -(IIS) Conference, Laurel, Maryland.

1995 - 2001 Gallery Account Manager to the Artists: Borja Fernandez, Pep Suari, Bartolome Sastre, and Angeles

           Cereceda of the J. Torrents Llado Escuela Libre del Mediterráneo.

1985 - 1987 Gallery Account Manager and Artist Assistant to Joaquin Torrents Llado during his painting trips to Texas.


2017  4/8/2017  Antiques & Collectibles Evaluation Event and Open House, Bellingham Senior Activity Center.    

           Bellingham, WA.

2016  4/9/2016  Antiques & Collectibles Evaluation Event and Open House, Bellingham Senior Activity Center.

           Bellingham, WA.

2015  4/11/2015 Antiques & Collectibles Evaluation Event and Open House, Bellingham Senior Activity Center.

           Bellingham, WA.

2014  4/12/2014 11:00 - 4:00 Antiques & Collectibles Evaluation Event and Open House, Bellingham Senior Activity

           Center. Bellingham, WA.  Appraiser - Fine Art.  A fund raising event with all proceeds benefiting the Bellingham

           Senior Center. 

2013  4/13/2013  11:00 - 4:00 Antiques & Collectibles Evaluation Event and Open House, Bellingham Senior Activity

           Center. Bellingham, WA.  Appraiser - Fine Art.  A fund raising event with all proceeds benefiting the Bellingham

           Senior Center.  
2011  4/02/2011  11:00 - 4:00 Antiques & Collectibles Evaluation Event and Open House, 
Bellingham Senior Activity

           Center. Bellingham, WA.  Appraiser - Fine Art.  A fund raising event with all proceeds benefiting the Bellingham

           Senior Center.

2010  3/20/2010  11:00 - 4:00 Antique Value & View and Open House, Bellingham Senior Activity Center. Bellingham,  

           WA.  Appraiser - Fine Art.  A fund raising event with all proceeds benefiting the Bellingham Senior Center.

2008  6/07/08 12:00 – 4:00. Antiques Show ‘N Tell, Lynden Community Center, Lynden, WA. Appraiser - Fine Art. A fund

           raising event with all proceeds benefiting the Whatcom County Library Foundation.       

2007  6/16/07 12:00 – 4:00. Antiques Show ‘N Tell, Lynden Community Center, Lynden,WA.  Appraiser – Fine Art. A fund

           raising event with all proceeds benefiting the Whatcom County Library Foundation. 


2008  8/1/08 "Only to Vanish from View..." Presented to the North Coast Painters, Anacortes, WA.

2008  3/12/08 “Only to Vanish From View...” The steps that can be taken by any artist to avoid vanishing from view.      

           Visibility Metrics, Value Metrics and Momentum Metrics will define a strategy of viral marketing necessary to

           accompany the artist’s work in the current market. Presented to the Women Painters of Washington, Seattle Art

2008  2/5/08 Northwest Corner Woodworking Association, Mount Vernon, WA.  Topic: Identifying antique furniture,

           Highlights of a Duncan Phyfe Table Appraisal 
2004  3/14/04 What’s Art Worth? An Art Appraisal Forum, Insights Gallery, Anacortes, 
WA.  A two part lecture. Topic: Not            Every One Needs An Appraisal. Topic: What made Mark Tobey become Internationally Recognized while Jacob

           Elshin remains a regional Artist.


2000  Applied Materials Employee Art Competition, August 2000, Applied Materials offices, Austin TX.

1999  Austin Artists Harvest, 32nd Annual Exhibit and Sale.  October 23 - 24th, Palmer Auditorium, Austin, TX.


2001 - Present Member Appraisers Association of America
2001 - 2023 Member Museum of Northwest Art (MoNA)
1999 - 2000 Member, National Public Relations Committee, ISA
1998 - 2000 Secretary, National Fine Arts Committee, ISA
1997 - 2002 Accredited Member of the International Society of Appraisers (ISA)
1997 - 2005 Member, International Ivory Society (IIS)


1995 – 2001 Gallery Director - Austin Galleries 1219 W. 6th St. Austin, TX 78703. 
         Responsible for coordinating all aspects of an 8000 sf retail Fine Art and Antiques Gallery. 
         Artist Liaison, Consignment Liaison, Appraiser.

1985 – 1987 Gallery Assistant – Austin Galleries 600 Congress Ave. Austin, Tx 78701, 

          Sales Associate, Artist Interpreter, Appraisal research

Bachelor of Arts - University of Texas, (1986), Austin, TX. Liberal Arts Degree.

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